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Yumthe No.03 Refresh Tea (15 Tea Bags/box)

RM 35.00

No.03 Refresh Tea

- Giving the refreshing aroma, blended lemongrass and peppermint leaves help clean up your body, improve digestion and boost the immune system. Refresh tea is ideal anytime served without milk.

Ingredients Benefits

- Lemongrass is rich in vitamins and detoxifies the body. It is widely consumed in the world as it helps digestion. Drink lemongrass regularly, can effectively enhance immunity.
- Peppermint can reduces stomach aches, soothe digestive issues.

Brew the perfect cup

- Use about 300 ml to 350 ml of 100 degree boiled water. Brew in tea cup or bottle for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bag. Enjoy the healthy herbal tea.

When to drink?

- Anytime! Or when refreshment is needed.

Who can drink?

- From young to old generation.

Net Weight

- Total Weight(G)/TA:30g


- If you have the following reactions to dragon cloud tea, stop taking immediately: shortness of breath, chest tightness, sweating, difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat, and low blood pressure.

03 清心茶 / 建议「下午茶」饮用,感到鬱闷需要清新一下的时候。 √ 增加排尿率,排出身体毒素 √ 富含维生素,增强免疫系统,感冒前期可抑制病情严重化。 √ 薄荷能抗发炎、也有让人心旷神怡、解除烦躁、生活郁闷感

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