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Uniqman 60's King Clam 帝王蜆【元氣滋養】

RM 100.00

黃金蜆,來自純淨無汙染的花蓮, 富含胺基酸、鋅、鈣、牛磺酸等,人體必須營養素, 能維持健康、補充精力。


1.應酬加班 2.效率不彰 3.日夜顛倒 4.工作勞動

Introduction to King Clam
Strictly selected high-quality raw materials, uninterrupted energy

Emperor clams, also known as the king of shellfish, have extremely high nutritional value. The protein contained in it is rated as "perfect protein" by the United Nations.
Golden Clam, from the pure and pollution-free Hualien, is rich in amino acids, zinc, calcium, taurine, etc., essential nutrients for the human body to maintain health and replenish energy.

Adding compound prescriptions, new countermeasures with less effort
Add vitamin B complex, taurine, and chelated zinc to maintain normal energy metabolism, help energetic and replenish physical strength.

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