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Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Mask 資生堂 0秒护发膜 (180g)

RM 69.99

Product Features:

  • ALL Products are Authentic 全部商品都是正品
  • Made in Japan
  • Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask ZERO Wait, ZERO Second Salon Class Hair Treatment
  • This product is very popular in Japan and has quickly become one of the TOP hair repair product in Japan since its debut on last year September. 
  • It is receiving numerous good review from the Consumer in the infamous @Cosme website!

【ZERO Wait】
  • It can be rinsed immediately after you applied on the hair!
  • No longer need to visit Salon, you are able to enjoy Salon Class hair treatment in home anytime!
【ZERO Second Salon Class Hair Treatment
  • It contains 「deep infiltration of rich beauty ingredients」
  • It's using 「innovative penetration technology」
A hair mask that fills up damaged hair tips with beauty ingredients
  • It creates finest hair quality similar to post beauty salon treatment. It is able to widen and loosen the cuticles to make path for the beauty ingredients to penetrate and nurture your hair to the tips.Deep infiltration of rich beauty ingredients 
  • Excellent damage repair and moisturizing effectInnovative penetration technology help to seal beauty ingredients inside your hair 
  • It seals our cuticles afterward to prevent moisture evaporation and create long-lasting moisture
  • Even if it's rinsed immediately, it exerts a high moisturizing effect = quick treatment
  • Highly sustainable beauty-salon like result
  • Rich with camellia oil
  • Blooming fragrance of the fine flower, honey, and fruit.
  • After shampoo and conditioner, lightly drain the moisture of your hair and apply an appropriate amount onto the whole hair. 
  • Rinse thoroughly afterwards (even when you rinse it immediately, it has sufficient effect on your hair)
  • With its high treatment effect, it is recommended only to use it 1 to 2 times a week.

资生堂护发系列新产品 - Tsubaki 0秒发膜,带给你真正沙龙级别的护理。

  • 无须等待,敷上头发后可以立即冲洗!
  • 无须特地造访沙龙,在家里随时体验沙龙级的护发!
  • 富含「浓郁的美容养护成分」
  • 拥有「创新滲透科技」


  • 首先在洗发精、润发乳之后轻轻地把水份拭干接着,取适当的量均匀地涂抹在全发上(取决于个人的发量跟长短),最后用水慢慢的冲洗掉即可
  • 建议一周使用一两次冲洗顺序:洗发精→润发乳→发膜

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