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SHARECO 香卡 / 香水吊卡 能量麝香 WOODY / FLORAL 香氛 Perfume & Fragrances Hanging Card (Energy Musk / Sweet Lily / Miracle Poppy)

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SHARE推出的香氛產品成為許多香氛愛好者的首選,細膩順鼻的香氣,搭配獨特的設計風格,體驗一次後就會成為 SHARE的鐵粉!

『能量麝香』/ 麝香琥柏木質調
圖樣:軍綠迷彩 / 黑灰迷彩 / 沙漠迷彩

『奇蹟罌粟』 / 麝香白花調
圖樣:Money & Love / Peace & Game

『甜蜜莉莉』 / 百合鈴蘭調
圖樣:扶桑花 白 / 扶桑花 紅 / 天堂鳥

『糖果茉莉』 / 鈴蘭茉莉調
圖樣:Candy Molly


Many people use fragrance to improve the smell of rooms, toilets, and cars to make their living environment more comfortable. More and more people know how to use fragrances to shape their own image and taste.

The fragrance products launched by SHARE have become the first choice of many fragrance lovers. The delicate and smooth nose, with a unique design style, will become SHARE's iron powder after one experience!

Perfume elevator fragrance introduction:
"Energy Musk"/ Musk amber wood note/
Elegant cypress scent, fused with wild musk, rich and not pungent, it is a very highly accepted taste by the public.
Pattern: Army Green Camouflage / Black Grey Camouflage / Desert Camouflage

"Miracle Poppy" / Musk White Flower
The scent of miracle poppy is musk and white flowers, blending lily of the valley, lemongrass and violet. It is a line with rich floral fragrances. The gender is neutral, and boys and girls like it.
Pattern: Money & Love / Peace & Game

"Sweet Lily" / Lily Lily of the Valley
Sweet lilies, paired with elegant roses, and decorated with the faint floral fragrance of lily of the valley, with the mature attitude of the girl's heart, won the favour of many girls and girls.
Pattern: Hibiscus White / Hibiscus Red / Bird of Paradise

"Candy Jasmine" / Lily of the Valley Jasmine
The soft nectar and sweet Indian white jasmine is perfectly matched with the vibrant green lily of the valley
Pattern: Candy Molly

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