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[澳洲 Australia] Rebirth Placenta Rose Moisturizing Cream RB32 羊胎素玫瑰保湿乳 (200ml)

RM 49.00

Product Features:

Rebirth Placenta Rose Moisturising Cream is enriched with sheep placenta extract which helps replenish and firm the skin, whilst rose essential oil promotes cell renewal. It is a lightweight moisturiser that instantly hydrates and nourishes the skin without feeling greasy, leaving the skin silky, smooth and youthful.



产地:澳洲 Australia 

  • 羊胎盘素结合玫瑰精油,能滋养紧致肌肤
  • 添加胎盘素精华和玫瑰精华
  • 改善粗糙干裂



  1. 按压适量乳液于双手,涂抹于全身肌肤,可加强粗糙部位如膝盖,手肘等。全身涂抹,防止手足裸露部位变得干燥,有效柔软肌肤,使肌肤顺滑细腻。
  2. 浴后全身按摩,具有柔和肌肤,锁住肌肤水分,润肤保湿。

  • Enriched with placenta extract, replenishes and firms the skin
  • Rose essential oil promotes cell renewal
  • No paraben or mineral oil
  • A lightweight cream that instantly hydrates and nourishes the skin without feeling greasy

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