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[澳洲 Australia] Rebirth Placenta Anti-Wrinkle Cream RB02 羊胎素淡皱霜 (100ml)

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Product Features:

For the past twelve years this popular placenta cream has been renowned for its quality and unique formula. This rich and easily absorbed cream is ideal for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, whilst stimulating the growth of new cells. It's ideal as a day cream.


【Rebirth 羊胎素  维生素E 淡皱霜】 


产地:澳洲 Australia 





羊胎素含有多种维生素和矿物质 澳大利亚最受欢迎的胎盘素绵羊油之一, 含羊胎素精华,来自天然的绵羊脂, 维生素E及肌肤所需之营养成分, 有效滋润并帮助肌肤长效保湿, 预防细纹生成, 清爽易吸收。用于脸部, 手部和身体的滋润, 也可作为男性须后乳。


※ 主要成分 ※ 

胎盘蛋白(Placental Protein) 

羊胎盘提取物是一种“生物活性营养素”, 其中包括人体必需的氨基酸, 胎盘蛋白, 透明质酸(HA), 核酸, 和丰富的来源成分。 羊胎素具有非常高的营养价值和保健作用, 所含的蛋白质和多糖具有良好的保湿功效, 因此可以紧致皮肤, 长期使用能够减少肌肤细纹的产生,并延缓老化问题的产生。具有净白,帮助肌肤新陈代谢,维持肌肤细致功效。

※ 使用方法 ※ 

用于精华液之后, 取适量乳霜, 于脸部及颈部轻轻按摩至吸收,建议每日早晚使用,也可适用皮肤较干燥部位如膝盖,手肘等。 

【Rebirth Placenta & Vitamin E Anti-Wrinkle Cream】 

Contain: 100ml 

Made in Australia 

Sheep Placenta Contains Multivitamins and Minerals One of Australia's most popular placenta lanolins, containing sheep placenta extract, derived from natural sheep fat, vitamin E and essential nutrients for the skin, effectively nourishes and helps the skin Moisturizing, preventing the formation of fine lines, refreshing and easy to absorb. It is used for moisturizing the face, hands and body. It can also be used as a male after shave.

※ Directions ※ 

Apply once or twice daily to face and neck. Suitable for all skin type.

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