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[澳洲 Australia] Rebirth Emu Anti-Wrinkle Cream RB03 鸸鹋油淡皱霜 (100ml)

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Product Features:

Rebirth Emu Cream - Rebirth Emu Anti-wrinkle Cream is infused with fruit acids (AHA) which help revitalise the appearance of dry skin and combat the effects of the elements. As with other Rebirth skincare products, this emu cream keeps skin moist and bright. It’s Ideal as a night cream.


【Rebirth 鸸鹋油 淡皱霜 】


产地:澳洲 Australia 

  • 鸸鹋油深度吸收有效淡皱, 清爽滋养同时净化 
  • AHA能净白皮肤 
  • 珍贵鸸鹋油分子细小易吸收 
  • 适合作为晚霜

鸸鹋油(Emu Oil)

  • 原产澳洲的鸸鹋,是澳洲原住民的祖传秘方,其油脂使用于保养品中,具有极强的渗透性与不易堵塞毛孔的特性,可减少细纹及皱纹,是绝佳的皮肤滋润品。滋润肌肤,防止水分流失,高渗透性易被皮肤吸收,促进肌肤健康。鸸鹋油含有高品质的亚麻酸和油酸。


  • 果酸,简称AHA,是指由多种天然蔬果中所萃取的自然酸。 例如葡萄酸,柑橘酸,苹果酸,乳酸等。由于绝大多数均自水果中提炼,因而俗称为果酸。 AHA能够改善角质层,有效细致皮肤,进而改善皮肤粗糙,暗沉不平整,使皮肤更能保湿而富有弹性。

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and whitens the skin at the same time
  • Liposomes carry ingredients and penetrate deep into the skin
  • 24 hour time release makes it suitable as a night cream

Rebirth Emu Anti-wrinkle Cream with AHA 24 hours time release is effective against wrinkles. It penetrates the skin deeply, nourishing and protecting elasticity, resulting in a smoother appearance.

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