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Philips 2L ProCeramic+ Inner Pot for HD3119 / HD3129 / HD3132

RM 88.00
Extra thick alloy ensures every grain is cooked perfectly
Extra large 2.0L capacity, ideal to serve up to 14 people
Inner pot with cool-touch handles for easy access
Easy carrying out the innerpot when you cook different varieties.

Advanced anti-scratch coating for a long lasting pot
Copper Outer Coating: helps to retain heat, keeping the rice warm and fresh
Protective Resin: protects the alloy making the pot firmer and more durable
Extra Thick Alloy: Evenly conducts heat to ensure that every single grain of rice is boiled and cooked throughout, giving you the desired texture
Champagne Gold Base: spreads the heat throughout the whole pot during cooking so the rice is fluffy and tastier
Super Rigid Crystal Coating: non-stick and anti-scratch for easy cleaning and enhanced durability

Smart 3D heating system cooks rice evenly
Smart 3D heating system cooks the rice from all directions, delivering great tasting rice grain by grain

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