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Panasonic DC Pump Water Heater DH-3RP1 / DH3RP1 / DH-3RP1MK

RM 295.00
*Panasonic DC Pump Water Heater DH-3RP1

Power consumption: 3.6 kW
Water Pressure: Max 380kPa, Min 4.9kPa

8 Safety Points
Non-flammable Material Compliance
Self extinguish, non-combustible material for casing
Prevent fire

Insulated Structure
Insulated internal metal parts
Prevent electric shock

Water Splash Proof Case
Comply with safety standard: IP25
Prevent water splashes into the unit

Built-In Electric Leakage Breaker (ELB)
Double pole switch cuts off BOTH Neutral and Live lines completely if electricity leakage occurs.
Power supply cuts off automatically if there is current leakage.
Prevent electric shock

Manual Reset Thermostat
Power cuts off automatically when Auto Thermal Cut-off did not function.
Prevent fire

Reinforced Polyamide Heater Tank
Non-combustible material
Prevent fire

Auto Thermal Cut-Off
Power cuts off automatically when water temperature exceeds a control limit
Prevent overheating

Flow Sensor
Heater shuts off if water flow is too low
Prevent over-heating

**Toshiba DC Inverter Pump Instant Water Heater DSK38S3MW

Silent Pump
Energy Saving(INVERTER)
Low Noise
Safety Cut-Off
Surge Protector
Earth Cable Indicator
Rated Power: 3800W
Rated Voltage /Frequency: 240V ~ 50Hz
Rated Current 0~16A
Setting Your Temperature-Automatically to adjust the power to have the Constant hot water with the smart control system
Hot Water Warning- Remind you of the temperature status by change the icon colour
Quiet DC Pump-Low to 38db noise, up to 60% energy saving compare to AC pump
Multiple safety features - Earth indicator, ELCB, Auto Thermal Cut-Out, Manual Reset Thermostat, Auto Water Flow Sensor
Dual Heating Element- With Whirl Water Flow; Improving the heating efficiency and scald preventing
Shower Head Mode: Standard, Soothe, Combo, Massage, Jumbo
White Shower Head
Digital Temperature Display
Minimum Flow Rate: 1.5L/Minutes
Minimum Pressure: 0.03MPa
Maximum Pressure: 0.3MPa
Water Proof Class: IP25
Product Size:(LxHXM)mm: 200*400*97
Knob Quantity: 1

5 Years DC Pump & Heating Element Warranty

***Midea DC Pump Instant Water Heater MWH-38P3

Low Noise DC Pump
55% more energy-saving than AC pump motor.
1st Dual Heating Element
20% longer lifespan compared to the ordinary heating element.
Whirl Flow Technology To ensure constant hot water throughout the shower.
Built-in ELCB
Built-in Silent DC Pump
Splash-proof IP25 Standard
Line Fault Indicator

6 Years Warranty
Pump & Heating Element

****Joven SC33P Turbo Pump Instant Water Heater

Sleek and Stylish Casing
Turbo Pump AC 30% Energy Saving & Silent Below 65dB
2k Spray Paint Finish with 3 Colour Options
Stepless Electronic Power Control

Thermostat with Safety Cut-Out
Double Poles ELCB System with 10mA sensitivity
Splash Proof IP25 Casing

3.8” Showerhead (Pat.Pending)
5 Spray Showerhead
Slim and Chromed Slider Bar
¼ Turn Valve for turn On/Off Shower
Triple Reinforced Hose

5 Years Pump & Heating Element Warranty

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