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Man Light Makeup Dawdler Cream 尊蓝男士素颜霜懒人霜 (50g) MEN'S LIGHT MAKEUP *Original* Blueman

RM 24.80
100% Original
Skin protection Light makeup Double effect

The dawdler cream is specially designed for men's skin, adopt fresh and cool formulation, use without the greasy feeling. The cream body is easy to burst through and is not an easy card colour. can be used as water and emulsion, moisturizing and moisten the skin, at the same time can be lasting brighten the complexion, exhibition charm light make up+

男人讨厌瓶瓶罐罐的保养, 又不习惯化妆, 却又要有好气色, 该怎么办呢?

产品特点 :
专为男士肌肤研制的懒人霜, 采用清爽配方, 使用无油腻感. 霜体易推开不易卡色, 可作为水乳使用, 保湿, 润肤, 同时能持久提亮肤色, 展示魅力淡妆

做好基础护理后, 按压适量懒人霜于手背, 逐步在脸部肌肤轻拍均匀即可, 肤色较暗处可适当加量涂抹.

多种肌肤适用, 尤其是缺水干燥, 肤色不均者. 建议取少量于手臂内侧试用, 无不适现象方可使用.

Who want to make themselves very handsome and too lazy to make up must look at the latest solution: Light Makeup Dawdler Cream is made of oil-in-water structure, so you don't need to worry about makeup removal after use, just need facial cleanser to texture Very clear, very easy to push open and brighten skin tone, concealing everyday work, interviews, friends gatherings, girlfriend appointments!

想要让自己变得很帅又懒得化妆的男生们一定要看, 最新解决方案:懒人霜采用水包油的结构,所以使用过后完全不需要担心卸妆问题,只需要洗面奶就可以了质地非常清透,非常容易即可推开 提亮肤色 轻微遮瑕 日常上班、面试,朋友聚会、女友约会必备!

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