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Lé-Venus Lemon Whitening Jelly 柠檬美白果冻 (35g x8)

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 - 对肌细胞的增殖而达到抗老化的作用 

- 对提升皮肤亮白的促进作用 

- 对胶原蛋白生成的作用

 - 有效提升皮肤的保湿力 

- 有效提升皮肤的对紫外线的防御能力 - 抑制黑色素原 - 减轻由紫外线刺激引起的皮肤炎症与抗菌 




- 促进胶原蛋白的功能,为您提供更年轻,更健康的肌肤。 - 自然发生的抗氧化剂可以减缓黑素细胞活跃。 - 帮助触发在细胞中的凝血因子和维生素E的产生,形成血液凝血素。 


 - 通过刺激成纤维胞来帮助抚平皱纹。 - 促进细胞的组织发展来保持皮肤紧致和健康。 - 抗氧化剂,防止因阳光引起的皮肤发红和色素沉淀而提供天然保护。 - 通过阻止黑色素生成所需的酶来促进均匀的肤色。 


 - 改善皮肤表层的含水量。 - 促进角蛋白和神经酰胺的产生,着有助于抚平皱纹,减少自由基的伤害。 - 帮助减少皮肤的出油状况。


 - 甘草提取物里面的甘草黄铜含有美白化合物。 - 通过吸收有害的UVA和UVB射线来保护皮肤。 - 具有抗炎功能,有助于镇静皮肤,减少皮肤刺激和发红。


- 每天服用 2-3 杯。 


- 存放在阴凉,干燥的地方。 - 不要直接暴露在阳光下。 - 放在小孩子拿不到的地方。 

【The Unique Effects】

of Lemon Whitening Jelly - Proliferation of muscle cells for anti-aging. - Enhance skin brightening and whitening. - Enhance the growth of collagen. - Effectively improving skin defense ability against ultraviolet ray. - Inhabits melanogen. - Reduces skin irritation caused by ultraviolet radiation and antibiosis. 

【Ingredients List】

 Water, Konjac Powder, Fructose, Lemon Juice Powder, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Licorice Extract and Sodium Benzoate. 

【Vitamin C】 

- To boost the function of collagen that gives you younger and firm looking skin, - Naturally occurring anti-oxidant that can slow down hyperactive melanocytes. - Help to triggers the production of gluthatione and Vitamin E in the cells together to form phoemelamin.  

【Vitamin A】

 - Help to smooth wrinkles by stimulates fibrolasts- the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy. - Potent antioxidant, providing some natural protection against sun induced redness and pigmentation. - Help to even skin tone by blocking an enzyme needed for melanin production skin. 

【Vitamin B3】 

- Helps improve the moisture content in the top layer of skin. - Lead to keratin and ceramide production, which helps smooth out wrinkles and reduce free radical damage. -Help to reduce the oil production of skin. 

【Licorice Extract】

 - Content whitening compound, glabridin. - Glabridin protects the skin by absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays. - Process anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm the skin and reduce skin irritation and redness. 


 - Consume 2-3 cups daily. 


 - Store in a cool, dry place. - Do not expose direct to sunlight. - Keep out of reach of children.

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