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KingMatch Fuel Saver v8 Version

RM 239.00


  • Battery automatic detection system (SALI), he let the owner can easily understand simple battery, generator status. When the green lamp lights lit, car batteries, generators kept in normal conditions. When the red light, which means that the car battery, poor hair appliances, you need to send the car to the test. 
  • Voltage stabilization system (HVSS) is specifically designed to maintain all the electronic route and car electronic equipment, so that they have a stable voltage supply source. When your car needs extra power, such as sudden acceleration or turn on air-conditioning, power systems needed to start this power supply will be pulled to just start walking electronic devices from other electronic systems. With Kingmatch, it prevents the voltage dips, which because of its storage and release energy designs, and route electronic stabilization voltage. Therefore, to ensure respect for all of the electronic components inside the vehicle to operate in the best conditions.
What indicator shows red or green represent? 

This is Kingmatch for car batteries, generators are the most intelligent design, two cases tell you: 
a green light: normal voltage, batteries and generators in good condition. 
b red: Voltage is not normal, you need to check the battery or generator.

Kingmatch How to save fuel? 

Automotive fuel saving engine ignition device is affected by the ignition and ignition voltage. Car expert knows that ignition voltage is about 12000-14000 volts, we cannot supply so much voltage power in the car loaded , thus clever use of Automotive Engineers battery voltage (12V) for generating induced electromagnetic. But there is a problem, that is a multiple of the induction voltage of up to 1000 times, (12V enlarged to 12000V), when the battery voltage is 0. 1V changes, it causes the voltage up to (0.1x1000)=100V change of spark plugs, which will affect engine combustion efficiency, when combustion engine is not finished state, which is resulting in wasted fuel culprit, but the main function is to stabilize Kingmatch battery voltage when the voltage change is detected in a timely manner can store and release energy, to ensure the stability of the battery voltage and ignition voltage, thus you can maintain complete engine combustion performance. Continued to achieve fuel savings.

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