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Ingeni 50ml Stress Defense Oil 新肌霓 美孕計畫 賦活舒壓精華油

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【用 途】使肌膚彈力滋潤,撫平紋路,適合全孕期及產後使用。
【容 量】50mL

採用來自法國庇里牛斯山的微藻 ALGAKTIV® Zen,能減緩肌膚老化及紋路問題。

【用 法】

Macadamia Nut Oil, Pyrenees Microalgae Extract, Pteranophyta Extract, Golden Seaweed Extract
It makes the skin elastic and moisturized, smooths lines, and is suitable for use during pregnancy and after delivery.

【Product features】
Using microalgae ALGAKTIV® Zen from Pyrenees, France, can slow down skin ageing and texture problems.
Unique skin regulating factors and multiple active ingredients maintain the dynamic balance of the skin.
Can be used on the body and face at the same time to moisturize the pregnant belly and smooth fine lines on the face.
A breakthrough formula that can be used in combination with the essence to give the skin vitality and radiance!
The whole formula uses low irritation and low sensitivity ingredients, so you and your baby can use it with peace of mind.

Pregnancy care: Take out a small amount of oil, gently apply to the pregnant belly skin, massage until absorbed. Or use it with pregnancy cream.
Facial oil maintenance: Take out an appropriate amount of oil, apply to the eye area or facial skin, massage until absorbed.
Matching Essence: Add two drops of oil to the essence and emulsify, apply to the eye area or facial skin, massage until absorbed.

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