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Ingeni 500ml Acne Balance Shower Gel / Purifying Body Wash 新肌霓 美背计划净痘平衡沐浴露

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採用專利 Totarol 抑菌因子等五重抗痘成分,

【主成分】Totarol 抑菌因子、茶樹精油、柳蘭萃取
【用 途】清潔肌膚並改善痘痘問題
【容 量】500mL

專利 Totarol 抑菌因子,有效抑制痘痘問題。

【用 法】
1. 取適量於手心起泡
2. 塗抹於肌膚,並停留3-5分鐘
3. 以清水洗淨

Back Program-Balance Bathing Exposure for Pox
Using the patented total antimicrobial factor and other fivefold antitox components,
Stay in the bath for 3 - 5 minutes, Cleaning and maintenance can be accomplished at one time
Daily use can inhibit acne bacillus formation, Balanced keratin metabolism
Get rid of acne, Reproduce healthy clean bright muscle

1. Temporary bath formula, Cleaning and maintenance completed once
2. Patented total bacteriostatic factor, Effective inhibition of acne
3. Quintuple antitox components, All round improvement of acne acne
4. Long-chain amino acids, Let the skin have a healthy ph

[ Commodity specifications ]
Capacity / Specification: 500ml
Main component: totarol bacteriostatic factor + Tea tree essential oil + Extraction of Lancelan
Origin: Taiwan

Clean skin and improve acne

Unique residual use methods, Only three steps are needed, Complete cleaning and maintenance easily
1. Foam with an appropriate amount of palm
2. Apply to skin, and stay for 3 - 5 minutes
3. Wash with water

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