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Ingeni 新肌霓 180ml Whitening Body Lotion 美体淨白精华乳

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【用 途】美白肌膚,改善暗沉、膚色不均等問題
【容 量】180mL

  ● 包覆型淨白十二胜肽,溫和美白不反黑
  ● 複合美白配方,多重淡化色素
  ● 長期使用可讓肌膚回復白皙膚色
  ● 水乳液質地,輕盈水感一抹化開

【用 法】每日取適量塗抹於局部肌膚。

"Innovative whitening peptides, a new evolution of whitening skin!"

Body Whitening Essence uses innovative coated whitening twelve peptides, which has a good penetration effect, and compared with common whitening ingredients, it is not irritating nor anti-black. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. Continuous use can make the skin white and bright. The texture of the light moisturizing lotion, a touch of light and watery feeling, complete skincare in 3 seconds, no burden on daily use.

[Main ingredients] Coated whitening peptide, acetaminophen, arbutin, pepper berry extract
【Use】Whiten skin, improve dullness and uneven skin tone

【product features】
  ● Coated whitening twelve peptides, gentle whitening without anti-black
  ● The compound whitening formula, multiple dilute pigments
  ● Long-term use can restore fair skin tone
  ● Water emulsion texture, light and watery feeling fade away

【Usage】Take an appropriate amount and apply to the local skin every day.

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