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Ingeni 新肌霓 180ml Revitalizing Body Lotion 美体换肤精华乳

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【用 途】改善痘痘、粗糙等肌膚問題,並使肌膚嫩白光滑
【容 量】180mL

 ● 複合煥膚配方,加速角質更新,促進肌膚嫩白光滑。
 ● 多重修復因子,改善粗糙顆粒,促進角質平衡。
 ● 清除毛孔粉刺,加速痘痘代謝。
 ● 微乳液劑型,降低肌膚刺激性。

【用 法】每日取適量塗抹於局部肌膚。

"Compound acid renewing formula will give you flawless and beautiful skin!"
Body Renewing Essence is a bottle of body-specific acid renewing essence. It uses a compound formula of mandelic acid and salicylic acid. It also adds marine complex polysaccharides from the islands of Tahiti. It can find a balance in keratin metabolism. Skin, focus more on the health of keratin, get rid of your stereotypes of body lotion and acid peeling!

[Main ingredients] Mandelic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, a marine complex polysaccharide, xylitol active water essence
Improve acne, rough and other skin problems, and make the skin white and smooth

Product Features
 ● Compound skin renewal formula accelerates keratin renewal and promotes skin whitening and smoothing.
 ● Multiple repair factors to improve rough particles and promote keratin balance.
 ● Clear pores and acne, accelerate acne metabolism.
 ● Microemulsion formulation to reduce skin irritation.

【Usage】Take an appropriate amount and apply to the local skin every day.

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