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Ingeni 新肌霓 180ml Hydrating Body Lotion 美体抗乾精华乳

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【用 途】改善乾裂脫屑問題,並滋潤肌膚
【容 量】180mL

 ● 創新蠟菊永久花植物精華,強化肌膚屏障,改善乾肌脫屑問題
 ● 多重保濕成分,改善泛紅敏感問題,增加肌膚保護力
 ● 塗抹延展性佳,清爽不黏膩

【用 法】每日取適量塗抹於局部肌膚。

"The new helichrysum permanent flower plant essence, break the dry muscle cycle nightmare!"

Body Anti-Dry Essence Milk uses a new dry skin countermeasure from the coast of Brittany-Immortelle permanent flower plant extract, using the powerful plant energy of immortelle permanent flower, can improve long-term desquamation problems, re-establish a good skin barrier, and accelerate Moisturize and enhance water retention, allowing you to easily find healthy and moisturized skin.

[Main ingredients] Helichrysum permanent flower, desert rosehip extract, deep-sea volcanic polysaccharide, xylitol active water essence, carrageenan extract.

Improve dryness and desquamation, and moisturize the skin

Product Features
 ● Innovative helichrysum permanent flower plant extracts to strengthen the skin barrier and improve dry muscle desquamation
 ● Multiple moisturizing ingredients, improve redness and sensitivity, increase skin protection
 ● Good spreadability, refreshing and not sticky

【Usage】Take an appropriate amount and apply to the local skin every day.

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