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BHK's 備孕計劃組 肌醇 MaMa Inositol Veg Capsules (60's) + Uniqman 螯合鋅 Chelated Zinc Veg Capsules (60's)

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備孕計劃組 簡介

【備孕爸媽 調整體質】

*BHK’s 孕媽咪肌醇
 — 專屬女性備孕營養,調節女性生理機能,孕育合適的環境,提高機率。
 — 專屬男性備孕營養,調節男性生理機能,養精蓄銳、提振精力。


BHK's MaMa Inositol Veg Capsules

*Increases BOTH your chances of conception and the health of your baby
*Inositol promotes egg quality and follicle development
*Inositol believed to enhance insulin sensitivity of the ovary
*Balances hormones that control ovulation as well as protects the egg from free radical damage

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Inositol 500 mg

Take 1 capsule once or twice a day after meal. Do NOT take more than 2
capsules per day. Stop taking Inositol during pregnancy.

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