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AM Travel Set 7 in 1

RM 399.00

热卖超值💥 AM Travel Set 豪华旅游配套✈️



🌹AM Cleansing Milk (3 In 1) 35gm

🌹AM Balance Cream 18ml

🌹AM Hydrating Essence 18ml

🌹AM Lightening Toner 35ml

🌹AM UV Cream SPF35 6gm

🌹AM Belree Protecting Day Cream 5gm

🌹AM Belree Hydrating Night Cream 5gm

✨Morning use:

✔️cleansing milk

✔️lightening toner

✔️24h hydrating essence

✔️Balancing Cream

✔️day cream

✔️uv cream

🌟Night use:

✔️cleansing milk

✔️lightening toner

✔️24h hydrating essence

✔️Balancing Cream

✔️Night Cream

1. AM Cleansing Milk (3 In 1) 35gm

3 in 1 formula acts as the cleansing foam, the milk and make up remover. Effectively removes all skin impurities and make up with triple cleansing action. Provide moisturizing and nourishing to skin. Smoother and soften skin texture. Mild formula, gentle to all skin type

三合一充当于清洁泡沫,牛奶和卸妆。有效地清楚皮肤杂质和化妆三重清洁功效。 助于保湿,滋润皮肤。柔和及软化肌肤细纹。 温和的配方,适于所有的皮肤类型。

2. AM Balance Cream


Equipped with moisturizing function, it is exclusively formulated to attend to dehydrated and sensitive skin as a result of excessive usage of acidic skin care product. Skin's immune system is strengthened and its repairing function helps generate healthy and lively skin.

3. AM Hydrating Essence

Increase and maintain skin moisture level. Smoothen and soften texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Provide suppleness and elasticity to skin. Oil free, light formulation suitable to all type of skin.



Apply onto cleansed face, morning and night.


4. AM Lightening Toner

Moisturize and tone skin. Refresh and soften skin texture. Lighten and brightens skin tone. Gives you a fair healthy looking skin.



Provide protection for UVA & UVB. Protect skin against the damaging sunlight. Skin becomes fairer and brighter instantly. Help to calm down uncomfortable skin after sun exposure , moisturize and smooth the skin 提供皮肤表面的防紫外线保护。防止皮肤晒伤。让皮肤立即更白及有光泽。有助于暖和晒后感到不适,滋润和光滑皮肤。

6.AM Belree Protecting Day Cream



Belree Hydrating Day & Night Cream contain high protein botanical extracts (pinecone) which contain Vitamin A, D, E and bio-regenesis substances which penetrates deep into the skin layer to revitalize the cell membrane and activate the break down of melanin which causes the appearance of skin pigmentation.

7.AM Belree Hydrating Night Cream



Belree Hydrating Night Cream also contain pearl powder, anti-bacterial and an effective anti-inflammation elements which effectively improves skin allergy, swelling, itchiness which maintaining the skin elasticity and hydration. At the same time, maintain and improve skin elasticity & firmness.

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