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Alka Seltzer 20's Effervescent Tablets (Lemon Flavour)

RM 15.30
For relief of:
Headache and upset stomach, particularly due to too much to eat or drink; recommended especially before bed and again on arising. Fever, discomforts of colds and flu/ muscular aches and pains.

Active Ingredients:
Each dry Alka-Seltzer tablet contains Aspirin/ acetylsalicylic acid (buffered) 324mg, sodium bicarbonate 1.737g, citric acid 1.223g.
Dosage: Adults: 2 tablets every 4 hours when necessary (up to 8 tablets in 24 hours). Do not take for more than 10 days.

Dissolve 2 tablets in a glass of water before drinking. Repeat every 4 hours if necessary.

Not to be taken by persons under 16 years old unless prescribed by a doctor.

Do not take this product if you have asthma, persistent stomach problems, bleeding problems, during pregnancy or breast feeding, or if you are taking medication for thinning the blood.
Should you feel that this product is too weak or too strong, consult your physician or pharmacist.
Keep out of reach of children.

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