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*Original* Wellous M Coll M-Coll Collagen Candy + Isoduce Package

RM 270.00

Product Features:

Wellous M-Coll Collagen Candy 美颜糖 (60 Capsules / Per Box)

  • 美白、保湿、祛斑 ( 一罐60颗,一天两颗)

Wellous Isoduce (20 Sachets / Per Box)

  • 减少经痛、卵巢保养、降低白带、丰胸结实、滋阴缩阴 


早上起来吃 Isoduce 和 M-Coll

M-Coll Collagen Candy (60 Capsules / Per Box)

  • Whitening, Moisturizing, Freckle (Twice a day)

Wellous Isoduce (20Sachets / Per Box)

  • reduce menstrual pain, ovarian maintenance, reduce leucorrhea, breast firm.

Method of Consume:

  • Morning takes Isoduce and M-Coll Collagen together.

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