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Manting China Magic Soap 满婷中华神皂 *100% Authentic*

RM 78.99

Product Features:

100% Authentic Product...

Manting Magic Soap can use to wash face, remove makeup and it is highly effective in killing mite which is the root cause of acne, black head and most skin issue

All-in-1 Manting Magic Soap
This soap is 100% natural and it's made from plant extracts. It's paraben-free and is safe for even the most delicate skin like babies and sensitive skin.
Can be used as:
1. Facial Cleanser* Cleansing* Killing Skin Mites (Demodex) that causes acne* Reduce redness caused by skin sensitivity and post-acne marks* Shrinking enlarged pores* Reduces or eliminates blackheads* Reduces facial oil* Brightening effect* Firming effect and reduces fine lines* Make-up Remover
2. Bubble Mask* Deep Cleanse* Shrinking enlarged pores* Brightening and Firming effect
3. Shampoo* Cleanses* Reduces itch* Cures dandruff and dry scalp problems
4. Body cleanser* Cleanses* Heals sensitive skin* Brightening effect
5. Shaving Foam* Can be doubled up as shaving foam for guys who shave
The soap can be used for about 2-3 months, depending on the area you use it for.
Eg: If you're using it for face, hair and body, the soap may only last you for 2 months or less.
This soap is suitable for all - boys and girls, young and old.






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