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【Exp 10/2023】Total Image 60's Detox with Puri CleanX & 60's S Body Slim ( Detox & Slim )

RM 39.65
Detox & Slim 60's + 60's

Introducing the power couple that helps you slim down, all while cleansing your body with a powerful detox program.

The Detox and Slim capsules combine the best of both worlds: the Puri Cleanx and S Body work in seamless tandem to improve bowel movements and flush the toxins out of your body, all while speeding up your body’s natural fat-burning processes.

Say goodbye to the flabby arms, big thighs and stomach rolls. With the Detox and Slim capsules, you feel and look better than ever.

Puri Cleanx + S Body – 60 Capsules (each)
Contains natural ingredients
Certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia, safe to consume by Muslims
Take Puri Cleanx (2 capsules daily after lunch) for 1 month followed by S Body for 3 months (2 capsules daily after lunch) to see optimal results


Puri CleanX 60's

Formulated with natural ingredients, including Garcinia Cambogia extract, the Puri Cleanx capsules help detox your body and keep your weight in check. The all-natural blend aids your body in its natural fat-burning processes and improves your metabolism.

Designed to help you become healthier and fitter from within, the keeps your appetite in check, all while providing you with energy to reach your goal. Banish the flabby look and embrace the new, slimmer you with the Puri Cleanx capsules.

Main Benefits of PURI CLEANX
Eliminate toxins from the body
Improves metabolism
Improves bowel movement
Maximize weight loss efforts by improving body’s natural ability to lose weight

Contains Garcinia cambogia extract for weight loss
Helps to reduce body weight, boost fat burning and improve metabolism
Take 2 capsules daily after meal


S Body 60's

With a blend of combined 15 types of natural herbal ingredients, the S Body has been specifically developed to target problem areas.

Flabby arms, thighs, stomach rolls? The S Body provides your body with the nutrition it needs and an energy boost to reach your goals.

Main Benefits of S BODY
Lose weight while nourishing the body without causing tiredness
Suppress appetite
Block transformation of carbohydrates & sugar into fat
Accelerate calorie & fat burning
Increase perspiration during physical workout
Increase excretion

Reduce weight & nourishes body without affecting vitality or cause tiredness
Certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia, safe to consume by Muslims
2 capsules daily after lunch

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