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【Exp 09/2025】Total Image 120g / 60g Smelly No More Roll On Deodorant

RM 11.55
Smelly No More Roll On
Expire Date: 09/2025
Content: 120g / 60g

Banish the unpleasant odours with the all-natural crystal roll-on deodorant. Manufactured according to a proprietary process with natural mineral salts with high purity content, the Smelly-No-More natural deodorant acts by inhibiting the activity of bacteria: the real source of body odour.

Rather than just masking the smells, the all-natural deodorant controls and eliminates embarrassing body odor, without clogging your pores. Use the crystal stone natural deodorant on your underarm area, behind the knees, on the neck or feet and enjoy a fresh feel and a glamorous look day after day.

Lasts up to 3-6 months
Alcohol & Fragrance-Free
Hypo-allergenic, suitable for all skin types
Pure & Natural Mineral Salt
After showering, wet the top surface of the SNM deodorant & apply to the areas needed

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