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[4 Boxes] Maxpine Moringa Elixir 神奇辣木瓶中钻 (20 Sachets)

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Product Features: 

A Fountain of Life!

A Toast To Your Health!

A precious gift of goodness from Mother Nature.

Moringa Elixir is produced based on balanced, diverse and moderate nutrition principles using latest scientific extraction method to reach highest grade and purity. Special care is given to the selection of high-quality ingredients such as Moringa, seabuckthorn, acai berry, plant-derived minerals, various types of fruits and vegetable extracts and other nutritional and functional ingredients. We now introduce it to the world, its many benefits let our Moringa Elixir guide you to a healthier and more meaningful life!


  • Antioxidants
  • A variety of medicinal and disease prevention benefits
  • Refreshes, relieves fatigue, enhances vitality
  • Supplementary nutrition

Main Ingredients

Moringa- mainly found in Africa and Asia. Used in traditional medicine in India for more than 4,000 years of history, it is known as the “Tree of Life” or the “Miracle tree”. Moringa is hailed as the saviour of modern medicine by scientists.

Research shows that Moringa leaves are rich of nutrition. It’s high in vitamins, high-protein, 5 kinds of trace elements, 46 kinds of antioxidant, 36 kinds of natural anti-inflammatory, minerals and 20 kinds of amino acids.

Every 100 grams of Moringa contains:

* 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges
* 3 times the Iron in spinach
* 3 times the potassium in the banana
* 2 times the protein in yogurt

Moringa has a variety of medicinal value including detoxification, preventing constipation (reduced stool), relieves fever, anti-inflammatory, refreshes, purify blood vessels, helps in weight loss, improve skin condition, gout, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, enhances libido, lower blood pressure and cholesterol level as well as various other effects.

According to clinical reports, regular consumption of Moringa seeds have various benefits such as enhancing immunity, anti-cancer, prevent diseases, improves sleep, enhances memory, anti-aging and preventing osteoporosis. It can also be used to treat diseases of the liver, spleen, meridians and other special parts. Other than that it can also help in bad breath problems and be regaining soberness. Moringa can be used to replace vitamins as well as cod liver oil with its range of nutrients.

–it contains flavonoids, minerals, SOD, vitamin C, E and etc. In Russia, it is part of the diet of cosmonauts.

  • It plays an effective role in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, regulation of blood pressure, blood lipids (cholesterol), anti-free radicals, reducing blood viscosity, improving blood circulation and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  • With strong anti-oxidation properties it boosts the immune system, anti-allergy, elevating the body’s resistance to disease and clearing free radicals.
  • Enhancing the body’s resistance to cancer, it alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy
  • Help to treat respiratory diseases by reducing cough, asthma and phlegm.
  • For digestive diseases, it helps relieve indigestion, abdominal distension and pain, gastroenteritis, stomach and intestine ulcers, constipation and etc.
  • It helps protect the liver from from acute liver disease, chronic liver disease, alcoholic liver, fatty liver and cirrhosis.
  • Anti-inflammatory, promotes tissue regeneration thus helping in wound recovery and relieving pain.
  • It plays a big role in beauty by preventing skin aging, reducing chloasma, improve sleep quality, improving memory, energy and stamina to maintain a strong body.

Acai berry
- contains the highest amount of antioxidant amongst fruits. Its antioxidant helps in anti-aging by reducing free radicals in the body and boosting the immune system. When the body has a good source of antioxidant, the likelihood of getting sick reduces. It is also recognized as a good supplement for longevity and healthy living. It has a significant beneficial health effect on hair loss, anemia, diarrhea, fever, bleeding, liver and kidney disease, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain and muscle aches.

Fruits and vegetables extracts -
Various types of fruits and vegetables high in antioxidant such as red and white grape, orange, grapefruit, raspberry, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, apple, apricot, cherry, black currant, tomato, carrot, green tea, broccoli, cabbage, olives, wheat germ, cucumber and asparagus. Deficiency of antioxidant can lead to the destruction of the molecular structure of cells leading to cell damage. Such cell damage is considered to be a major factor in aging and various other health problems.

Plant-derived minerals - containing minerals and trace minerals needed by the body that is helpful in treating diseases due to lack of minerals. Plant minerals are 6 times more easily absorbed compared to rock minerals because it naturally carries a negative charge making it adheres to the intestinal wall as well as its molecule size that is 7000 times smaller than red blood cell thus promoting absorption. It has a significant effect of inhibiting free radicals and enhancing the immune system. It is water-soluble giving it high bioavailability for easier absorption.

Usage direction:
Consume 25-50ml every day. Shake well before drinking.

Please store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

* Patients, nursing mothers and pregnant women please consult your doctor first before consuming the product.
* If symptoms persist, see your doctor immediately.
* Product colour and viscosity may change due to the natural characteristic of ingredients in the product.

神奇辣木瓶中钻 (500ml x 1 bottle)



瓶中的钻石 基於平衡,多样,适度的营养原则及利用生物科技萃取,经科学合理的配比及通过品级鉴定等多道工序精制而成。特别用心甄选优质辣木,沙棘,巴西莓,植物提取矿物质,22种水果及蔬菜提取物等营养功能性成分,引介到世界各地,让每个珍惜健康可贵的人们,都可以分享到它所带来的种种好处。让瓶中钻,陪着健康闪闪发亮, 闪烁人生。

q  抗氧化剂
q  多种药用价值,预防疾病
q  提神醒脑,缓解疲劳,提升生命活力
q  补充营养









辣木具有多种药用价值。辣木有排毒、防便秘(缩便)、退热降火、消炎、提神、净化血管、减肥瘦身、改善皮肤、改善痛风、抗菌、抗肿瘤、增进性欲、降血压与胆固醇(降血脂)等功效。是三高患者的一大福音。 根据国内外临床报告,经常食用辣木籽可增强免疫力、抗癌、预防疾病,改善睡眠、增强记忆力、延缓衰老,避免骨质疏松,还可用来治疗肝脏、脾脏、经络等特殊部位的疾病。它还具有治疗口臭和醒酒等作用。


如今,數十家人道主義組織在貧困地區推廣辣木的使用,用於抵禦營養不良及其對人體的不利影響。教會世界服務組織(Church World Service)、消除饑餓教育組織(Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization)、全美科學基金會(National Science Foundation)等團體正把這種生長快速的耐旱植物所具有的保健優點介紹給不發達地區營養不良的人們。



沙棘-含黄酮、矿物质、SOD、维生素C,E 等。苏联把沙棘列入宇航员的必需保健品。宇航员服用后,大大增强了他们适应失重状态的能力。

*对心脑血管疾病的防治作用 – 有效调节血压、血脂(胆固醇)、清除自由基,降低血液粘度、改善血液循环、防止动脉硬化。
*对免疫系统的作用 -具很强的抗氧化作用。可抗过敏、增强人体抗病能力及清除人体自由基。
*对癌症的预防作用 -增强人体对癌症的抵抗能力及减轻化疗的副作用。
*对呼吸系统疾病的作用 -止咳平喘、利肺化痰的作用。
*对消化系统疾病的作用 – 对消化不良,腹胀痛,肠胃炎、胃及肠溃疡、便秘等均有极好作用。
*保护肝脏的作用 -对急性肝病、慢性肝病、酒精肝、脂肪肝、肝硬化有明显的缓解作用。
*抗炎生肌、促进组织再生 –有助伤口愈合,消除疼痛。
*护肤养颜、健脑益智作用 – 防止皮肤老化、淡化老年斑、黄褐斑、改善睡眠质量、提高记忆力、保持旺盛的精力和体力。

巴西莓– 生长在巴西亚马逊热带雨林,喜长于低漥潮湿地带。当地人称之为“生命树”。



巴西莓拥有一般水果所没有的多种必须脂肪酸、多种胺基酸与植物固醇;植物固醇就像人体荷尔蒙,可以帮助我们应付因荷尔蒙不足时而有的种种问题,如:改善年长男性前列腺肥大经常半夜起来上厕所的处境,以及降低胆固醇、避免中风与动脉硬化, 让您活力充沛,自信满满。





1.抗炎 – 降低了促炎物质的生产和影响。对湿疹,牛皮癣,痤疮特有效。
2.抗菌 – 平人体的pH值。酸性的环境会降低人体的免疫系统。所以保持身体的pH值于略高于中性、弱碱的状态非常重要。以协助打击痤疮。
3.排毒 – 除去体内毒素以确保不造成皮肤问题。
蔬果提取物- 当中包含了22种蔬果的抗氧化剂。如:红,白葡萄,橙柚,柚子,覆盆子,木瓜,黄梨,草莓,苹果,杏,樱桃,黑加仑,番茄,萝卜,绿茶,西兰花,卷心菜,葱头,橄榄,小麦胚芽,青瓜,芦笋。抗氧化剂的不足会导致破坏细胞分子结构,导致细胞受损。这样的细胞损坏被认为是衰老和各种健康问题主要因素。






*患有特殊疾病病患,   请向医生询问后再服用
* 产品的颜色, 浓稀度可能因材料的天然特征而有所不同。

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