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[30pcs] DB Double Benefit Ultra Thin 0.02mm + 100% Hyaluronic Acid Condom 高品质玻尿酸避孕套 男神 / 女神版

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Product Features:

Enhances the male performance.

Nourishes the female private part

DB Double Benefit Natural Rubber Latex 0.02mm Ultra Thin + 100% Hyaluronic Acid Condom(10 in1)

Characteristics of DB Condoms
  • 100% Hyaluronic Acid replaces Silicone oil
  • Ultra-thin 002 (thinnest Hyaluronic Acid condoms in the market)
  • Ultra-lubrication for a long-lasting experience
  • Enhanced Performance for an incredible bonding
  • Double Hyaluronic Acid for Nourishes the female private part

100% Hyaluronic Acid (玻尿酸)
  • The majority of the condoms in the market use silicone oil for lubrication. However, Silicone oil does not mix well with the female fluid and tend to become dry quickly to lose its lubricating function. More importantly, it is difficult to wash away silicone oil especially on the wrinkled walls of the vagina wall, and a coating inevitably builds up over time in the vagina and cause health issues later in life.
  • Are there better alternatives to Silicone oil as lubrication for condoms? The answer is yes and Hyaluronic Acid is definitely one of the answers. Look up Hyaluronic Acid and it is very often associated with health and beauty products. Hyaluronic Acid can be washed away easily and lubricate much better than Silicone oil.
  • Then why don’t big brand condoms use Hyaluronic Acid? Cost is one of the reasons as Hyaluronic Acid can be several times more costly than Silicone oil. Apart from DB condoms, one Japanese brand also uses Hyaluronic Acid. However, the Japanese brand Hyaluronic Acid condom is only 003 thin, compared to 002 of DB.
Ultra-Thin 002
  • How thin is the thinnest condom in the market? 0.01 millimeters and only one Japan manufacturer managed to engineer this miraculous feat and the thinnest Hyaluronic Acid condoms? DB Double Benefit at 0.02 millimeters.

Ultra-Lubrication / durability for a long-lasting experience
  • As stated above, the ability to lubricate latex condoms make Silicone oil the preferred choice for condom manufacturers. However, females do not enjoy the feel of having Silicone oil condoms inside them because it is difficult to wash away Silicone oil, and Silicone oil does not maintain lubrication very well during long drawn out battles in bed.
  • DB condoms replace Silicone oil with Hyaluronic Acid which maintains lasting lubrication. Women above 30 years old who are not as naturally lubricated during their younger days will appreciate the extreme lubrication that DB condoms bring. Using top quality latex from Malaysia also makes DB condoms extremely durable and safe to perform its primary function as a contraceptive.

DB Condoms
  • DB condoms come in boxes of 10 condoms per box. The unique packing of each box and individual condom sets itself apart from the market as a classy and high-end product. Yet the prices are maintained at a very competitive rate as the company understands the huge potential in the market.

Shelf Life of 5 Years
  • Each batch of DB Condom has shelf life of 5 years, so there is no worry of buying DB condoms that will expire soon.

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