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【2 Boxes】BHK's 月見草油複方 軟膠囊【月月順心】(60's/Box) BHK's Evening Primrose Oil Softgels

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月見草油複方 軟膠囊 簡介

月見草(Evening primrose)+琉璃苣油(Borage Oil )豐富GLA調節女性生理平衡。

其中豐富的gamma-linolenic acid/GLA,


Evening Primrose Oil Softgels Introduction

Figure cramps out, you need Evening primrose.

Rich GLA comes from evening primrose and borage oil, which adjusts women physiological health.

Evening primrose oil is natural supplement.

Evening primrose oil is a rich source of essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid, valued for its anti-inflammatory properties and its effect on many health conditions.

Such fat acid cannot produce by human own, it only exists in several plants.

Therefore, taking the component by diet is necessary.
BHK’s Evening Primrose Oil Softgels preserved natural live essence by pressing in cold temperature technique during extraction.

Specifically, evening primrose oil may help to: Relieve the discomforts of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstruation, endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts.

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