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【敷膜五片】Ingeni Acne Purifying Back Mask Refill Pack 新肌霓 美背計畫 净痘调理敷膜 補充包

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Commodity characteristics
Are you still improving your back acne in an ineffective way
Come on, try the first american back dressing around the world,
Make it easy for you to have a touching back

maintenance by membrane, the active ingredients can be imported more effectively.
combination of multiple fruit acid purification factor and salicylic acid, accelerate metabolism acne acne acne.
extraction of natural tea tree essential oil and hamsam, reducing the breeding of acne bacillus, soothing pox red and swelling discomfort.
continuous use of excess old cutaneous horns, prevent herpes from forming.
unique fresh micro-lactic texture, can make the back skin smooth and delicate.
membrane maintenance, the active ingredients can be imported more effectively.

Commodity specifications
Capacity/specifications: Clean acne dressing film (55ml) *5 films (Recommended for use in vest)
Main component: Almond acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, tea tree essential oil, hamsam extract

Use of recommendations
- vest reusable, so only the first time you need to buy standard bags containing vests.
- soak aluminum bags to warm water before use (40-50° c) Medium, feel comfortable when applying your back.
- clean your back before use, after use, cleaning or not can be used, better without cleaning.

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