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【敷膜五片 + 背心一件】Ingeni Acne Purifying Back Mask 新肌霓 美背計畫 净痘调理敷膜

RM 155.00
【內容物】淨痘調理敷膜*5片 + 專用背心*1件(背心為女版尺寸,建議下胸圍90cm以下使用)



Contents: Acne cleansing and conditioning film *5 pieces + special vest *1 piece
(the vest is the size of the female version, it is recommended to use under the bust below 90cm)

[Main ingredients] Mandelic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, tea tree essential oil, witch hazel extract

Product Features
The new acne-reducing and conditioning formula combines multiple fruit acid purification factors and salicylic acid to accelerate the metabolism of acne and acne.
Continuous use can renew excessive dead skin cells and prevent pimples from forming.
With natural tea tree oil and witch hazel extract, it reduces the breeding of acne bacilli and relieves acne redness and discomfort.
The unique refreshing microemulsion texture makes the back skin fine and smooth.
Maintaining with a film coating can more effectively introduce active ingredients.

The vest can be reused, so only the first time you need to purchase a standard bag containing the vest.
The aluminum bag can be soaked in warm water (40-50℃) before use, and it will feel more comfortable when applied on the back.
Please clean your back before use. After use, it can be washed or not. The effect is better without washing.
It is recommended to use it every 2-3 days, and adjust the frequency according to your skin condition.

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