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【台湾 KP记忆香氛】KLOWER PANDOR KP女王香氛 #10 迷霧森林擴香瓶 150ml Misty Forest Scent Diffuser / Essential Oil Perfume & HOOGA Decoration

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用法: 选好要放置扩香位置,将瓶口塞拔除,依个人喜好将扩香棒置入瓶内即可

Create your own fragrance for every moment of your own life, and in the future, memories of the past will be accompanied by fragrance.

It is soft and comfortable to use. It can be used for up to 60 days. It can be used for up to 60 days. It can be placed with 4 to 8 diffusers. The concentration of fragrance can be adjusted freely.

(Because the diffuser oil does not contain added alcohol and harmful chemical VOCs, the volatilization will be slightly slower. It is recommended that both ends of the oil are used to accelerate the fragrance emission)

✅Use natural extract flavours
✅Passed U.S. NSF certification
✅Pregnant women can use it with peace of mind
✅Imported natural bamboo and rattan, non-market fibre rods, will not degenerate or soften after a long time~

"Green Orange & Oak Moss" Neutral Citrus Tone

Light and throbbing ➜ As if you are in the grass garden of nature, you can heal comfortably

Fragrance: oakmoss and green orange
The golden light of Huang Cheng is full of sweet and fruity fragrance with the refreshing of fresh green leaves
Clean and refreshing fragrance, exuding natural freshness
It is very relaxing, it is a fragrance suitable for both men and women~🧡

Contents: 150ml
Purpose: Aromatic Indoor Apace
Usage: Choose the position to place the diffuser, remove the stopper of the bottle, and put the diffuser stick into the bottle according to personal preference.

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